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Trust My Website

by Sean 09/16/14

Having recently launched Buyspoke, the handmade and vintage ecommerce website, we've been thinking about what it takes to develop trust in a website. All websites require their users' trust, for all kinds of reasons, but trust is perhaps most vital to a website which sells goods.

Whenever we visit a website we have never been to before to buy something, there will always be a note of caution ringing in our head, wondering whether we can trust the site. ''Will my details be secure?'' ''Will I receive the goods?''

We can talk ourselves out of an online purchase very easily. So how can we tackle the concerns and doubts users have when they visit a website?

One way is to display recognizable trust seals/security seals such as Norton Secured, VeriSign and TrustGuard on your site. These seals provide assurance that a site is dedicated to good security practices or the use of secure methods for transactions. It also shows that a site has been audited by a third party.

A recent survey (VeriSign Brand Tracking Research) found that 86% of online shoppers feel more comfortable entering personal information on sites that display trust seals. 

It has been shown that Trust Seals do contribute to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and in turn drive sales, but the cost of subscription to display these seals can be expensive. You should make sure you are generating enough added sales to cover the cost of trust seals.

Another way for a website to establish trust with it's users is to include customer feedback. Positive and negative feedback should be included. In fact a report by Econsultancy showed that bad reviews actually increased conversions by 67% in one case ( This is likely due to mistrust of sites containing solely positive feedback. That understandably seems suspicious.

Honesty and transparency helps to build trust in all lines of business and this is certainly also true for websites.

In what ways would you establish trust with your users?