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The 6 Year Old Designer

The 6 Year Old Designer

by Sean 09/16/14

How about this then? A 6 year old boy wrote to Waitrose explaining that he couldn't understand what the picture on their brown sauce bottle label was meant to depict. He offered to draw them a new picture to replace it and... they took him up on his offer!

The current Waitrose Essentials packaging design was created by the Waitrose in-house team and won the DBA Design Effectiveness Award Grand Prix in 2011.

Now Harry’s design will be on the shelves in Waitrose shops alongside the regular design.

Whether you see it as just a clever marketing ploy or not, even the most cynical of people must appreciate a story like this.

Below is the letter Harry sent to Waitrose MD Mark Price:

''Dear Mark Price,

I am writing as the other morning I had Waitrose essential Brown Sauce with my bacon sandwiches. I asked Daddy what the picture is of on the label. Daddy didn’t know and neither do I. Please could you let me know. Mummy says I am good at drawing so if you would like me to draw a new picture for the label I would be happy to.

Kind regards, Harry Deverill, aged 6''

Something else which caught my eye (and I'm sure this has nothing to do with Harry) is the leading on the words 'brown' and 'sauce' on the label ('leading' refers to the distance between the baselines of successive lines of type); it doesn't quite look right to me. There's too much space between the two in my opinion... What do you think?