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by Sean 09/10/14

Hello Georgia! 

iomedia has had a makeover. To coincide with our moving into a brand new, bright and spacious office we decided it was time to update and refresh our brand, which has included, among other things, a slight redesign of our company logo.

Typographically we've said 'goodbye' (and 'thanks!') to the Futura typeface and 'hello!' to Georgia.

Georgia is a remarkable feat of typography. It takes the complexity of serif characters and makes them not only comfortable on-screen, but also very attractive.

Designed in 1996 by Matthew Carter, Georgia is the serif companion to the first Microsoft sans serif screen font, Verdana. It has a clarity on a computer monitor even at small sizes, thanks mainly to a large x-height.

In larger sizes, Georgia could be mistaken for a heavier Times New Roman. It's a robust typeface that could easily be used by a newspaper. On-screen in body-text sizes though, it takes on new life, looking friendlier.

Georgia was jokingly named after a tabloid headline - ‘Alien heads found in Georgia.’

Whereas Futura's simple and bold circular shapes was a good fit for the young and eager company we once were, the serif Georgia has a flourish to it, helping to present iomedia as it is now - more confident and assured in it's identity and achievements.

For the logo and headings we've utilised Georgia's strong bold and true italic, which is gorgeously fluid and graceful, reflecting the way we aspire to be in all that we do. To retain some of the identity of our original branding (and also simply because we like it) we have kept the iomedia colour scheme of red, white and black.

We dropped the prism motif, deciding that the new Georgia logo looked far bolder on it's own. 

We envisage this version of our logo to be with us for many years to come.

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