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Logos: Hidden Symbolism

Logos: Hidden Symbolism

by Sean 09/17/14

I love logos which have a hidden symbol in them. I wonder how many people have noticed the hidden symbols in the following classic logos...


Brilliant use of negative space has created a perfect arrow, which works as a symbol for Fedex for obvious reasons. It's so simple and bold but the amazing thing about it is that it doesn't jump out at you, at least not until you notice it, then you will forever wonder how you ever missed it.


This one is very subtle but beautiful and clever. The bear hidden away in the logo is a symbol of Berne where Toblerone is produced and also serves to represent the honey in the product. It's also a satisfying discovery when it first catches your eye!


This logo cleverly manages to include an analog wave and the binary combination of “0” and “1”. See it? A beautifully composed design.


Not quite so hidden this one, but it's still a very nice example. 'Mouse', Microsoft's digital advertising awards was rebranded to embed the shape of a mouse in the wording. The 'o' forms a pink mouse ear and the copyright mark forms the eye.

Soho Secret Tea Room

The Soho Secret Tea Room identity combines a teaspoon with a vintage-style keyhole. A beautiful and subtle design.


Created by the same people as the Secret Soho Tea Room logo, a single, elegant flowing line makes up the three initials of the London Symphony Orchestra. But wait... the real 'wow' moment comes when you spot the hidden conductor!

What do you think of these logos and their hidden symbols? Does your favourite feature here?