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Digital Typography: Room To Innovate

Digital Typography: Room To Innovate

by Sean 09/16/14

Over the years there have been many innovations in the way the printed word is presented, allowing artists and other creatives to enhance the captivation of their audiences.

Calligrams were a way of arranging a word, phrase or poem to create a visual image, usually expressing part or all of what the words say.

Soon after, Dadaists typically took an even more daring approach by experimenting with different concepts of page structure.

Developments and innovations like these, coupled with the already very tactile nature of the act of reading on paper has given digital typography a tough act to follow.

Since the digital age began, there have been numerous studies into the comparisons between reading on screen and paper. There is a general scientific consensus that reading on a digital device is an inferior experience, hindering comprehension and our memory of what we've just read and surveys suggest people still prefer paper for intensive reading. A lot of this may be down to the fact that a lot of the time we will tend to scan rather than read when using the web.

Web content therefore needs to find ways to be more engaging. It needs to engage it's audience in new and exciting ways, which will lead people to read more fully and take more in. I believe there is much room for innovation in the way people interact and experience the written word on their screens.

Check out this example at Stories For Your Screen, a brilliant way of using web technology and user interaction to make reading lengthy texts more captivating.

There is so much potential for innovation in the art and science of digital typography. I look forward to future explorations into ways to enhance the reading experience on digital devices.