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A message to all bloggers...

A message to all bloggers...

by admin 06/11/14

Just a few brief points to keep in mind before creating (and certainly before publishing) a blog post on this site.

The Description field

Please complete the description field when writing a blog, just a line of text will do fine. It's important that it's shown on our home page and will be used in search engine results instead of messy random snippets.


I'm sure what you've written is riveting and will cause your readers to slobber over their computer screens but you might be wanting to stimulate your audience further with some pretty pictures.

Well let's consider that some of that slobber will be hitting tablet and telephone screens too yeah? ..Ok good!

When you add an image to your post, use the style dropdown menu in the editor and class the image as a 'Content Image' - this will ensure the width of the site isn't broken and our blogs look fancy on telephones too.


While you're at it, why not keep the sites files tidy too? - When you click on the little tree button at the top, go up to the folder named 'Images' and upload your image there.

'Is that all?' I hear you ask.. well nearly. 

Look at this pretty table...

If you want to present some complex data it's most likely that it will be worthwhile using a table. Again to avoid braking the sites width: choose the table style named 'iomedia' from the list in the editor. Why not have a play with this page on a little screen and see the benefits for yourself.

Tony 55 White Here Us
Tess 64 Green There Them
Pete 23 Red There Us
Ramesh 44 Blue Here Us
Gita 94 Green There Us